The Ultimate Goal

Creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible.

What we live by

We are attempting to be pioneers of bespoke design- from sumptuous homes, Multifamily dwellings, townships, urban planning, corporate and Commercial architecture.

All characterized by an unrivaled combination of detailing, diverse design, cutting edge technology and the exclusivity synonymous with individuality tailored projects.

Good design probes the dimensions of harmony and vitality. It looks at the future in the context of our past and present. It aims to help maintain a balance between man and nature. Beauty is its inspiration, function its mandate. Our creative process is synergistic; involving all team members from the inception. It begins with the definition and understanding of project objectives and clients values. Innovative response to these parameters is the key to inspired design.

SAaP Limited is a team of young, creative and highly talented professionals headed by Architect Shitesh Agrawal. Since our inception in 2002, we have undertaken several prestigious projects, of varying magnitudes and design styles, in architecture and interior design.

Besides having the advantage of our national operations, we have dedicated architects, interior designers, engineers and graphic artists, to enable us achieve a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed end product, conforming to the highest degree of expectations of our esteemed clients.

Macro and Micro level planning have always been the forces shaping our designs and our professional aptitude. We strive to achieve international standards for our projects. Our meticulously honed skills are aided by our ability to recommend appropriate materials and construction methodology to ensure that each of our clients derives value for money and stands to gain from our experience.

Also efficient In-house management systems for correspondence, document filing & retrieval etc. give us an edge over our competitors resulting in better project operations.

our anticipatory concern for environmental implications, profound comprehension of contemporary mutations, our enthusiasm for imagining new lifestyles, determination to make this World a better place to live - have accompanied one iconic creation after the other.

SAaP is all of the above , but above all are an organization of honesty and sincerely dedicated individuals.

The People Behind

  • Shitesh Agrawal


  • Shweta Agrawal


  • Vijay Dabhade


  • Viraj Tagare


  • Mehul Shah

    V.P Architecture

  • Mr. Atole


  • Vinod Chitnis


  • Anjali Dhotre

    HR Head

  • Aparna Deshpande


  • Apoorva Gadgil


  • Geeta Shukla


  • Gouri Huddar


  • Pratika Zinage


  • Pratima Afzulpurkar


  • Sandeep Kadam

    Sr. Designer

  • Shekhar Sutar


  • Sneha Jadhav

    Interior Desinger

  • Harish Rathod

    Liason Assistance

  • Ronit Khandge


  • Raju Subhedar

    Office Assistance

  • Amar Padekar

    Sr. Designer

  • Jay Malve

    Sr. Designer

  • Ankit Thakare

    Sr. Designer

  • Ishita Jariwala

    Sr. Designer

  • Richa Potdar

    Sr. Designer

  • Sourabh Laghate

    Sr. Designer